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TOP russian demantoid ... large, rare, beautiful


RUSSIAN DEMANTOID3,98CT., D-9.9MM Not heated. Extremely rare. The deposit is over, but sometimes miracles happen ... Such a stone is found once every few years. Please ask about this stone I will be happy to tell

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This demantoid garnet has become my favorite pendant now, though the seller sold this stone as “for collection”. Its green reminds fresh verdure and makes me relax. The horsetail pattern helps to express its individuality.  The skill of photos and videos in this shop is super excellent. They show true figure of the stones. There is no over-editing.



When I describe this stone in a word, it is very gorgeous. I had no hesitation to make a jewelry of this demantoid with some good diamonds. The demantoid is the most powerful shinning as the main stone. I could not obtain this treasure without kind help of the seller.



I am in awe of the exquisite glow and perfect cut on my demantoid garnet. Far more beautiful in person than in the photos. I’ve worked with many gems and can see that this is green baby is truly something special. The demantoid will be a gift to my husband that has a personal connection to the stone. I’m so excited about this purchase and happy to have found Ildar and this shop. I love supporting businesses that practice ethical mining and excellence in craftsmanship. Great communication, carefully packaged and quick shipping too. Will definitely be back for more. Thank you!


Mike B.:

One of the best dealers one could hope to find. Excellent communication and knowledgeable and passionate about demantoids and willing to share his expertise with others. Purchased a beautiful demantoid and in person it is even lovelier than the pictures. Highly recommend Ildar.

Mike B.


Nora Sermez


Nora Sermez is an Assyrian-Canadian, multi-disciplinary artist and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada.

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About me

I was born and brought up in Yekaterinburg, in the Ural mountains of Russia. Yekaterinburg is the fourth-largest city in the country and without any doubt, is the capital of Russia's gemstone and mineral industry. I stared learning about rocks and gems when I was only 12 years old. After graduating from high school, I decided to become a professional geologist. I graduated from Bashkir State University in Ufa with a degree in geomorphology, which is the study of physical features of the earth's surfaces and their relation to geological structures. I taught students at the major University in Bashkiria, Russia, until 2011 when I started an new career: I became a gem vendor. My passion and my true love is the Russian demantoid but I love and admire any rough that comes from the depth of the Ural mountains, as well as any colored gem I see or touch that was created by the hands of highly skilled masters cutter.

I buy demantoid rough directly from artisanal miners with whom I frequently visit at the mining sites. The mining is done ethically, sustainably and responsibly. Masters cutter (old Ural school of cutting) I work with are very skillful masters of their craft - сut quality: "very good" and "exellent". All my stones comes from most famous Ural mining sites. In fact, the city of Yekaterinburg is located no further than 100 km from any of them. That's why I am offering my buyers the best gems. I hope you enjoy and love them as much as I love my demantoids and that you endlessly admire their beauty as I do.

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